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Terms & Privacy

Last Updated on 01/04/2016

We recommend customers to read these terms and conditions carefully. Please do not continue with a booking if you are not in full agreement of these terms and conditions as this constitute the entire agreement between customer and the company with respect to the sale of the relevant services.



Euro Parking Heathrow is a trading style of World Travel And More Limited (WTAML).

The “company” refers to World Travel And More Limited (a company registered in England with number 9758122).

The “customer” refers to the person or persons using or proposing to use the services of the company.

The “service provider” refers to the operator of the featured car parks for which the company acts as a booking agent.

The “booking” refers to the specific service(s) purchased by the customer.


Company’s liabilities

The company acts only as a booking agent for the service provider for the featured car parks. It does not itself provide the services. The customer will be contracting with the service provider and will be subject to the service provider’s terms and conditions. Full details of these terms and conditions are available from the service provider.

As a booking agent for the service provider the company is liable to the customer to only for losses directly arising from any negligence of the company in processing a booking. Any claims by the customer in respect of the delivery of the car parking services must be made against the service provider and subject to its terms and conditions.


1. Booking Conditions:

We want to offer customers the best products and best services. We aim to consistently exceed customers’ expectations, so that when customers are booking with us, customers can feel confident that they are with the best team. This section aims to bring important points to customer’s attention.

1.1 When customer makes a booking via the Website/Phone, customer will be given a unique booking reference number ("Booking Reference") via an email.

1.2 Customer should check the confirmation after making the booking. Any input errors made by the customer while making a booking, customer should notify the company within two hours’ time to correct the errors and no amendment fee would be charged.

1.3 The booking is non-transferable either from customer to someone else or between different suppliers. In the unlikely event of service providers being over booked or drop in service standard, we reserve the rights to re allocate customers parking with other service providers.

1.4 The booking is valid only for the times, dates, price, service, service provider and place/area specified in customer’s booking and Quotes are valid at the time of booking only.

1.5 All the terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted at the point booking has been made via internet or over the telephone.

1.6 Company cannot accept liability in any circumstances where performance of the contract is prevented by reason of war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions etc.

1.7 Company and Service provider will not be held responsible for missed flight under any circumstances.

1.8 Special requests / instructions will be noted but cannot be guaranteed.

1.9 Company and/or service provider reserves the right to charge £15.00/per day additional for collecting and delivering the vans and mini buses i.e. High-sided, unusually wide vehicles (vehicle height more than 6ft and 3inch). This additional charge would be payable to the driver on drop off date. Please note: This charge would not be included in the parking price online. So, customers are advised to contact our customer service for further information before making booking.

1.10 Any claims made for a booking commencing before 8th October 2012 shall not be the responsibility of Company. And Company is acting as a booking agent from 01 April 2014.

1.11 Any contract made between customer and Company via the Website/Phone is governed by English law.

1.12 Company reserve the right to change these terms and conditions, but once customer has made a booking the terms and conditions which apply are those which were on the website at the time of booking. However please do not assume that the terms which applied on one occasion when customer booked a service from us will continue to apply when customer books next time. We recommend that customer always read these terms and conditions before booking.

1.13 Company and/or service provider reserves the right to charge £10.00 additional for collecting or delivering the car to and from any hotel around Heathrow payable to the driver on drop off date. This charge would not be included in the parking price online. So, customers are advised to contact our customer service for further information before making booking.


2. Parking Requirements:

2.1 Customer should make sure to have the service provider’s telephone number, and details of arrival procedure as stated on customer booking confirmation. It is customer responsibility to obtain this information before departing for the airport - any no show, missed bookings, flights or other problems arising from the customer's failure to obtain this information will not be recompensed by company or any of our affiliates.

2.2 Possessions and Keys: It is advisable by service provider to remove all possessions / valuables and leave only the keys/codes required to move your vehicle. In the interests of efficient operation customer must be prepared to leave customer car keys with service provider if requested to do so unless otherwise stated.

2.3 Procedures: Company strongly suggests to keep hard or soft copy of your booking confirmation to make your journey easy, If customer are charged by the car park / service providers because customer failed to follow the correct entry or exit procedures, Company may not be able to obtain refunds on customer behalf.


3. Prices and Fee:

3.1 Price Changes: Company is committed to provide the highest standards and the best products, at the best prices, so throughout the season we continually review our products and prices. There are likely to be some seasonal special offers and in some circumstances prices may go up.

3.2 Daily Prices: Daily prices may vary according to the date and length of stay.

3.3 Company offers all product prices which come directly from service providers.

3.4 Company charge booking fee of £2.99 which is including in the online price from 01/01/2024.

3.5 Upon delivery of vehicle our supplier will only pay car parking charges((if applies) for a maximum of 15 minutes.

3.6 All prices shown are in pounds sterling for pre-booking and include VAT where applicable.

3.7 Airport levy charges are generally included in the parking price otherwise state. Please see products more details.


4. Advertising:

4.1 Advertised price is subject to availability and minimum stay period.

4.2 Special offers, vouchers and promotion codes cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or codes unless otherwise stated.

4.3 Company may contact you by email or SMS marketing with offers which may interest you. You can opt out by clicking on the unsubscribe link on them.


5. Amendment Policy:

5.1 Any amendments made to a booking will be subject to amendment/admin charge of £5.00. For any extended parking period would be subject to £15.00 per day. No refund will be given if customer decrease any pre booked parking. These charges would apply for any amendments made before the departures directly to Company.

5.2 If an amendment is to be made after departures, it is customer responsibility to contact supplier by sending an email / by phone or we must assume that the booking is unchanged.

5.3 Non-flexible products are non-amendable. (E.g. Non flexible, supersaver, etc.)


6. Cancellation and Refund Policy:

6.1 Customer can cancel booking by sending an e-mail to quoting customer booking reference number and cancellation/charge will be applied if any. Please note that we are not amending/cancelling any booking by phone. Please note that cancellation requests can only be processed within office hours (Monday - Friday 09.00 to 17.00) and are subject to our notice period (5.3).

6.2 Company will not refund any unused portion of booking period for whatever reason and if the booking is not cancelled and the period for entry has commenced, company reserves the right to retain the full amount paid. (Including weather condition or flight cancels)

6.3 Notice Periods: Less than 48 Hours' notice - no refund. And if customer is eligible, we will refund fair amount in 10-12 working days (See Clause 6.4). More than above notice periods, all cancelled bookings are subject to a £25.00 cancellation charge and £3.95 booking fee.

6.4 Except on certain promotional offers or products which are non-flexible and non-refundable. Where applicable this will be stated in the car park operator’s description/information.

6.5 If customer have booked and taken advantage of any special offers (E.g. discount code, promotion code), we reserve the right to retain customer’s payment in full on cancellation to cover the reservation unless the cancellation waiver is been taken.

6.6 Duplicate Bookings - In the event of a client making a duplicate booking for the same stay/vehicle, the company would refund full parking fee(excluding booking fee, any add extras charges, if any and credit card charges, if any) and if client do not contact us within 28 days of their return, will incur the full cost of that booking.

6.7 Any add extras products are non-cancellable and non-refundable. (See Clause 11.1-2-3-4-5)

6.8 Non-flexible products are non-cancellable and no refund would be given. (E.g. Non flexible products, supersaver products, etc.)

6.9 Any same day bookings are non-refundable.

6.10 Booking transaction charges levied by banks, credit card and other providers of financial services are strictly non-refundable. Booking fee is non-refundable.


7. Complaints Procedure:

7.1 Whilst every effort is made to ensure customer booking is dealt with to the highest standard, sometimes complaints arise, and we ask that customer bring any such complaint to the company’s attention within 12 hours of car collected and an investigation would be carried out. Please make complaint by email ( to us. We endeavour to respond to any complaint within 5 working days from the date made, however, if there is any reason for a delay to any such investigation we will notify customer, and provide customer with a proposed timescale for the resolution of customer complaint.

7.2 Any complaints/dispute arising with service provider, customer should contact the service provider directly within their time frame.

7.3 All complaints will be accepted by only email ( We are strictly not discussing any complaints over the telephone.


8. Distance Selling:

Regulation 6 (b) of the distance selling regulations 2000 state that contracts for the provision of transport and leisure services while the supplier provides services on a specific date or within a specific period are exempt to the traditional 'cooling off' period placed on select online goods and services. Cancellations are subject to the contractual terms agreed upon within these Terms & Conditions.


9. Extras:

9.1 Any add extras products are non-refundable once booked.

9.2 Cancellation Waiver: Cancellation waiver cannot be redeemed if the booking is not cancelled within 24 hours of drop off time (Including weather condition or flight cancel). Cancellation waiver cannot be redeemed for same day or next day booking.

9.3 SMS Confirmation: The SMS confirmation text will include booking reference number, airport, drop-off date, pick-up date, service providers name and contact number.

9.4 Confirmation by Post: All postal confirmation would be sent by first class post. The postal confirmation requests are processed once in 24 hours (Monday to Friday- excluding weekends) and hence it might take at least 3 working days to reach the customer.

9.5 Car wash: Service provider reserve the right to cancel any pre-booked car wash in unlikely events and company will refund full car wash amount. Customer should select the right car wash according to their car make and model. Service Provider reserves the right to charge additional amount for any incorrect selection made. Once car wash/clean is done to customer car/vehicle, customer might see some old damage including dents and scratches and service provider will not accept any liability.


10. Service Providers Terms and Conditions:(Insurance, vehicle damage and car park security)

10.1 Customer must familiarise with the service provider’s terms and conditions before arriving at airport. It is the terms and conditions of the service provider that govern customer booking whilst a vehicle is in their care.

10.2 All parking is subject to the terms and conditions of the service provider.

10.3 Company cannot be held responsible for any changes or amendments to the terms and conditions of service providers.

10.4 Although Company clearly states on its website the security facilities available at a service provider's car park or compounds, vehicles are always parked at the owner's risk.

10.5 Car parks and car storage compounds will not accept any liability for damage to vehicle glass under any circumstances.

10.6 No claim for damage/service can be considered unless the damage is brought to the attention of the service provider upon collection of the vehicle. Claims cannot be considered once customer vehicle has left the site/terminal. It is customer’s responsibility to check vehicle carefully before leaving. Any claim(s) regarding the vehicle damage, if any, should be notified to the driver upon the collection, followed by an email within 12 hours and supported by the picture(s) for claim(s). Any claims made after 12 hours will be rejected.

10.7 Service providers accept no liability for mechanical, structural and electrical failure of any part of a vehicle including windscreens, glass, tyres and in particular alloy wheels however caused. (This list is not exhaustive.)

10.8 Vehicles must be taxed, road legal and comply with the Road Traffic Act 1988 for the duration of the booking from drop-off to pick-up. Car park operators will not be held liable for any incidents that occur as a result of the client's vehicle not being road legal or not complying with the Road Traffic Act 1988. Service Provider reserves the right to refuse customer vehicle on the day and no refund will be given

10.9 Parking providers accept no liability for faulty keys, alarm fobs, house, office or any other keys left on the key ring.

10.10 In the event of a vehicle not starting whilst in the possession of a service provider or a vehicle acquiring a puncture, or a mechanical failure or any other issue that prevents the service provider from being able to return the vehicle to the customer the service provider reserves the right to charge a fee for any time and / or costs incurred to get the vehicle returned.

10.11 In the event that a service provider has to pick customer up from a terminal building (where this service isn't included in the rate) due to a mechanical failure of customer vehicle, the service provider reserves the right to apply an additional charge for any associated costs that are incurred.

10.12 Customers are required to take a spare set of car keys with them on the drop-off date. The spare set of keys is required to be retained by the customer for the duration that the vehicle is parked with the service provider.

10.13 During certain peak / busy periods or lengthy periods of stay, customer car may be parked in an off-site secure compound which could be up to 20 miles away (one way), depending on which terminal customer have dropped customer vehicle off.

10.14 In the event that customer vehicle needs to be repaired as result of the service provider's negligence, repair work must be carried out by a service provider approved organisation. Vehicle delivery and collection arrangements and costs are the responsibility of customer. Authorisation for any works to be carried out by dealerships will not be granted, even in the event of the vehicle forgoing its warranty.

10.15 The internal condition of the car is not checked at any time so no responsibility is accepted for the interior condition of the vehicle.

10.16 No vehicles will be covered for theft, fire, flood damage (or any other intervening act of nature) or criminal offence whilst the vehicle is in the custody of the service provider.

10.17 Service providers will endeavour to deliver customer vehicle back within 45 minutes of calling depending on traffic and weather conditions, etc.

10.18 Service providers will not be liable for any minor scratches or dents which may not be possible to identify in confined times and weather conditions.

10.19 Service providers will not be responsible for any chips or broken glass to the vehicle under any circumstances.

10.20 Service providers will not be responsible for any valuables left in the vehicle. All valuable items must be removed from the vehicle prior to drop-off.

10.21 Service providers will not be responsible for any discolouration of paintwork, dents or scratches that may become visible after a car wash / valet or after severe weather conditions.

10.22 To meet business needs, there may be a requirement for a driver to be collected from another terminal whilst on route to our compound in customer vehicle.

10.23 Service provider reserve the right to charge £25 for less than 12 hour notice for returning the vehicle in case of early return.

10.24 Car Park operation hours are from 5:00am to 11:00pm Monday to Sunday. Car Park service will be closed for Christmas, New Years Eve and New Year.

11. General:

11.1 COMPANY does not provide any additional insurance cover whilst customer vehicle is parked.

11.2 The customer warrants that he/she is the owner of the vehicle or has the power to deal with the vehicle as if he/she were its owner.

11.3 These terms are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

11.4 Modification: COMPANY does not accept liability for any indirect or consequential loss or any loss of profit, loss of enjoyment, loss of revenue, loss of data, or loss of earnings.


12. Our Details:

Euro Parking Heathrow

(T) 0208 2266 789




Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 2018

This privacy notice tells you what to expect when World Travel And More Limited (Trading as Euro Parking Heathrow) collects personal information about you when you use Euro Parking Heathrow. Euro Parking Heathrow is committed to protecting your personal information when you use Euro Parking Heathrow services. Whenever you provide such information we will only use your information in line with all applicable data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information will be kept in a secure environment and access to it will be restricted according to the 'need to know' principle.

What information will we collect about you?

When you use Euro Parking Heathrow, we will collect the following information about you:

·        Name

·        Address

·        Email address

·        Vehicle registration number

·        Phone number

·        Payment details

·        Car park you’re parking in

Euro Parking Heathrow collects information about how you use our products and services via our website and the device(s) you use to access the service. This includes collecting unique online identifiers such as IP addresses, which are numbers that uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet. For more information, see our section on ‘Privacy and Cookies’ below.

How will Euro Parking Heathrow use the information it collects about me?

Euro Parking Heathrow will use your personal data for a number of purposes including the following:

·        To provide the parking service and other Euro Parking Heathrow services (e.g. lounges, fast track security, add extras etc.) to you.

·        To provide you with information about these services and to deal with your requests and enquiries related to them.

·        To send you marketing communications about Euro Parking Heathrow and other Euro Parking Heathrow products and services. (through our email service provider with MailChimp)

·        To invite you to review the parking service (through our partnership with Reevoo and Feefo). We will share your name, email address, date and location of booking with Reevoo and Feefo.

·        We will use details of the car park booked to ensure our marketing communications are relevant to the Airport you are travelling through.

·        We may also match the data we collect with other data that we hold about you if you have used Euro Parking Heathrow products and services before. We do this to build up a picture of your personal preferences and understand how you use Euro Parking Heathrow products and services. This enables us to deliver a richer customer experience and ensures we only send relevant communications to you.

The lawful justification for collecting and using your personal data is that it is necessary for providing the service to you which you contractually enter into. Failure to provide mandatory data fields denoted by a ‘*’ will mean that we will not be able to deliver the parking service to you.

The lawful justification for sending marketing communications about Euro Parking Heathrow and other Euro Parking Heathrow products and services to you is because we have a legitimate business interest for your personal data to be used for this specific purpose. This enables us to inform you about the latest airport updates including exclusive offers, new products and services to improve your travel experience. We have conducted an assessment to make sure that the benefits to you are equal to the benefits to us. You are always in control of how we use your personal data. You can opt out of marketing communications during the registration process. You can also unsubscribe from Euro Parking Heathrow Airport marketing communications by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ on the footer of a Euro Parking Heathrow marketing email.

The lawful justification for inviting you to review Euro Parking Heathrow through our partnership with Reevoo or Feefo is because we have a legitimate business interest for your personal data to be used for this specific purpose. This enables us to collect feedback about your experience and helps us to improve the service. Please note that completing a review is entirely optional.

The lawful justification for matching the data we collect with other data that we hold about you if you have used Euro Parking Heathrow products and services before is because we have a legitimate business interest for your personal data to be used for this specific purpose. This enables us to send you relevant and personalised content designed to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. We have conducted an assessment to make sure that the benefits to you are equal to the benefits to us. You have the right to object to this processing which you can exercise by contacting Please note that if you object, this may affect our ability to send personalised marketing communications to you.

Your information will be handled and used by the following recipients in order to deliver the services:

·        Service providers who managing the service E.g.: Parking, Hotel

·        Suppliers who provides products to us for sell on our website

·        Reevoo or Feefo who will invite you to review the service

·        MailChimp, our email marketing service provider

·        Customer service agents employed by or on behalf of Euro Parking Heathrow

We will keep your information within Euro Parking Heathrow and our trusted third parties except where disclosure is required by law, for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies.

How long will Euro Parking Heathrow keep my information?

Your transactional information will be retained for a period of seven years and one month from the date of you last transaction due to tax regulations at which point all of your personal details is removed from our systems.

Where you tell us that you no longer wish to receive marketing messages about Euro Parking Heathrow and other Euro Parking Heathrow products and services, we will keep this information about you until you tell us otherwise. This is to ensure that we don’t send you any further marketing communications in error.

What rights do I have over my personal data?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to:

·        Access your personal data by making a subject access request

·        Rectification, erasure or restriction of your information where this is justified

·        Object to the processing of your information where this is justified

·        Data portability

To exercise your rights, please contact the Euro Parking Heathrow Data Protection Officer using the below contact details:

Data Protection Officer

Privacy & Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. At Euro Parking Heathrow we use cookies to understand how our sites are used which helps us to improve your overall online experience. Some of the cookies we use are necessary for some of our sites to work whilst other cookies are used to provide tailored advertising by trusted third parties. To find out more about cookies, visit

The different types of cookies we use

Euro Parking Heathrow use the following categories of cookies on our websites:

Strictly necessary - These cookies are essential for certain features of our websites to work for example when you make payments for car parking. These cookies do not record identifiable personal information and we do not need your consent to place these cookies on your device. Without these cookies some services you have asked for cannot be provided.

Performance - These cookies are used to collect anonymous information about how you use our websites. This information is used to help us improve our websites and understand how effective our adverts are. In some case we use trusted third parties (Google Analytics, etc.) to collect this information for us which may include recording your use of our websites but they only use the information for the purposes explained. By using our websites, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device. You have the right to object from being recorded on our websites by contacting us.

Functionality - These cookies are used to provide services or remember settings to enhance your visit for example text size or other preferences. The information these cookies collect is anonymous and does not enable us to track your browsing activity on other websites. By using our websites, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device.

Targeting and Advertising - These cookies are used by trusted third parties to deliver adverts more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Information contained in these cookies is anonymous and doesn't contain your personal information. To find out more about cookies used for targeting and advertising follow and  or contact us for further information about the trusted third parties we use.

Managing cookies

If you'd prefer to restrict, block or delete cookies from Euro Parking Heathrow and our third party advertisers, or any other website, you can use your browser to do this. Each browser is different, so check the 'Help' menu of your particular browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. If you choose to disable all cookies we cannot guarantee the performance of our websites and some features may not work as expected.

Links to other websites

This privacy notice does not cover the links within this site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.

Changes to this privacy notice


We will keep this privacy notice under regular review and we will place any updates here. At the start of this privacy notice, we will tell you when it was last updated.